All the data on this web site is from a Davis Vantage Vue weather station sited in a back garden in Blackfield Village. The sensors are sited in the clear with the temperature sensor properly shielded, but in a typical semi-suburban setting with small trees, houses, paved areas, fences, hedges and outbuildings within 10m, so the readings are not completely "standard" compared to an official weather station which would be on completely open ground, with the temperature, humidity and rainfall sensors close to the ground and the wind sensors 10m above it.

Generally, the weather station readings compare well with official weather stations in the area. The wind readings shown are scaled following Met Office guidelines as the sensor is 3m above ground and not the standard 10m. The station is less than 3km from the sea in two directions, the Solent  to the South and Southampton Water to the East. The New Forest is to the West and the suburban Waterside (Holbury, Hythe, Dibden etc) and the heavily industrial Fawley refinery area to the North. This means that wind speed will vary considerably over fairly short distances in this area, being much stronger over the Forest Heaths and especially over the sea than it is in the village.

The Solent area imposes its own variations on the wider weather picture. The Isle of Wight both shelters the Solent, and can channel some winds along it. Sea breezes often impose their own local flows, with a sea breeze (when the land is warmer than the sea) typically coming from the SE and a land breeze (when the sea is warmer than the land) from the NW with wind direction reversing between the night and day. The sea breeze also means that the area is significantly sunnier than inland, while usually staying warmer when it is cold and cooler when it is hot inland, with stronger winds overall.

Data is sent by radio from the sensors to console indoors and then to an old mac computer running "weathercat" software which stores it and updates these web pages. The web site is now home grown using the Bulma framework and my own javascript code. It ran for more than a year using "weather display" software with a meteotemplate web site.

The data displays update approximately every 5 minutes and will capture exactly what is happening at the time. The statistics give a more "average" picture. The weather and climate descriptions are generated by my own scripts, based on my own interpretation and reading.

The weather station is a hobby and everything provided on this web site is the product of a personal interest. All data is offered in that spirit. There is no guarantee of any kind that it is accurate, up to date and under no circumstances should it be relied on, particularly for anything in which safety might be a factor. If it is interesting and even useful, you are welcome, but I am not providing any kind of service and I am making no commitments.