Blackfield Weather

Blackfield Village, New Forest, Hampshire, UK
50° 49' N Lat. 1° 22' W Lon. 25m elevation

Station Journal

13-Aug-2019 07:54:21
Lightning again seen overnight (over the English Channel) and lots (60+) meteors, mainly from the Perseid meteor shower.

12-Aug-2019 16:15:41
Lightning seen in the early hours and thunder heard in the afternoon, with very rain heavy showers.

10-Aug-2019 08:00:40
Gales overnight with one very impressive gust of 59knots, probably funnelled between houses, while windspeed in the village here maxed out at Beaufort 5: enough to be noisy but not extreme. Unusual but not unknown to have such an active Atlantic Storm in early August, and a reminder that autumn is not far away now.

29-Jul-2019 09:50:45
It appears likely that windspeed (which was uncorrected previously) was seriously under-reading before the move to the new software. Readings will be more representative of wider conditions from August 2019 and should not be directly compared with readings before then. Windspeed should now more accurately reflect the "general" wind across the area, rather than the wind in the sheltered garden. There is now good general agreement between the wind being recorded by the weather station and the beaufort descriptions.

28-Jul-2019 11:24:26
Weather Station now in operation using Weathercat software and new web site.

27-Jul-2019 21:24:49
Converted and imported all 2019 data from old, Weather Display/Meteotemplate system.

25-Jul-2019 20:27:09
Brutally hot and humid today. There were a couple of short, sharp showers that did not cool things down at all.